Business Focus

Fish Ink Media maintains a portfolio of helpful consumer information websites covering a variety of topics, divided between consumer and small business.

Content may include blog posts, compiled data, calculators, or free digital downloads. All content is free, there are no paid options. Visitors may be sent to any website using paid traffic sources, primarily by focusing on keywords. Other primary methods include social media, YouTube, and banner advertising networks. Traffic exchange programs are utilized for some of the home based business content.

The majority of revenue is generated by displaying links to products and services related to the topic(s) on a website, in the form of affiliate links. As an affiliate, the business may receive a percentage of sale or set amount. The business may receive compensation from visitor activity instead of a sale, such as a free trial, zip code submit, or downloading a coupon (generally known as a cost per action, or CPA offer).

Fish Ink Media operates as an online business. There is no need for retail space, warehouses, showrooms or shop floors.

All websites are safe for a general audience. The portfolio avoids adult content.

Some of websites in the portfolio include the following:

Consumer Sites

Small Business Sites
Niche Passion

The primary focus of the business has been to build a portfolio of sites offering or linking to free tools. For this reason, a lot of social media and video content is branded as Free Tools Guy.

Origin Of The Name

Funny name for a business? Absolutely. Years ago I knew I would start my own business someday. The idea of Herring Company (or possibly Herring Incorporated) seemed too boring. So I decided to find a unique and memorable name. Ordinary was not what I wanted. Fish is representative of my last name, and ink brings the idea of creating something by putting ink on paper.

I am a lifelong resident of Pelham, Alabama. I have worked in the automotive supplier industry in the state for almost 2 decades, serving in production team lead and logistics team lead roles. My favorite music genre is metal (turned up to 11). I prefer those old classic tv shows over any modern sitcom or movie.

I am a lifelong bachelor, with no children. However, I have 3 nieces that I do not see often enough.